We are a group of  senior undergraduate, postgraduate and staff researchers based at Kingston University, London with invited associate members from various disciplines based across Europe.

Frédéric Vallée-Tourangeau

Fred obtained his PhD from McGill University. His research has explored causal and Bayesian reasoning. Drawing inspiration from the ground work of Hutchins, Kirsh, Clark, and more recently Malafouris, he has been working on problem solving from a distributed cognition perspective, seeking to better understand how new ideas are distilled through action.

Wendy Ross

Wendy is a doctoral researcher at Kingston investigating the role of serendipity in creativity. She is particularly fascinated by serendipity on two scales – micro serendipity and broader socio-cultural serendipity. Her research is shamelessly interdisciplinary taking in Shakespeare, sculpture and problem solving along with a healthy dose of the philosophical underpinnings of how we view cognition.  She is part of the editorial team of the Palgrave Encyclopaedia of the Possible and  Serendipity Society Secretary.

Renata Ruffatto Rech

Renata graduated from Kingston University in 2020 winning the Tony Gale BPS Prize for best Undergraduate Dissertation. She is now working with CCL for a year as a Research Assistant She is passionate about creative insight, her current undergraduate research is investigating visual imagery with internal and external representations in a guided synthesis task and its relation with insight problem solving.

Susan Cooper

Susan is a PhD student in cognitive psychology researching how the representation of data structures our understanding and our ability to extract useful causal information from the world around us.

Associate Members