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Creativity Week

For the second year in a row, the Creative Cognition Lab were involved in Creativity Week. This year it took place first in Geneva and then travelled to Bologna.

This year the week was split in two with shorter presentations and workshops at the Wesbter Centre for Creativity and Innovation in Geneva and full conference presentations in the latter half of the week hosted by the Marconi Institute for Creativity in Bologna.

Fred, Paul and Wendy hosted idea incubators in Geneva and Wendy delivered a longer presentation in Bologna, the details of all of these can be found on our conference meetings page

It was notable that several different disciplines were represented at the conference, alongside a wide range of methodologies from ethnography to EEG. Different forms of creativity were also addressed from AI produced art to the Alternative Uses Task. Such a vibrant mix of interesting and interested research projects has left all the members of the lab feeling enthused. It was also fantastic to see so many colleagues in education presenting on the very real and applied outcomes of our research.

The keynote from Vlad Glaveanu discussed the Possible. Both Fred and Paul are on the editorial board for the vast Encyclopedia of the Possible that Vlad is coordinating and Wendy is a section editor. All three have entries in the Encyclopedia discussing how their area of interest intersects with and is driven by the Possible so this expanded discussion was fantastic to hear. How many possibilities are engendered by a pearl necklace indeed?

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