• Wendy Ross

Creativity Week in Geneva and Bologna

Fred, Paul and Wendy will be taking part in this week from June the 17th to the 22nd hosted by fellow associate member Vlad Glaveanu. The joint conference will take place in Geneva and Bologna. In Geneva, Fred will be presenting his thoughts on incubation, Paul will be discussing the distributed creative agency and Wendy will be inviting us to consider the role of serendipity. Later in the week, Wendy will be introducing the concept of microserendipity and how this relates to the creative process.

While we are in Geneva, we hope to progress on the work we are doing together with eye tracking and creativity, this time working with Paul as he shapes an entirely different work to the one he undertook in February. We hope this comparison and contrast of project and material will shed light on the emergent coagency in creativity

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